Laptop Repair

laptop repair

Laptop Repair Services

Now a days, Laptop and computers have become essential in our daily life. These devices need maintenance and servicing timely for their better performance. Finding a right place to get serviced your useful device is easy nowactivezone laptop service , where you get full satisfaction of your repairing job with reasonable price. We are experienced more than 10 years in this profession. We have the certified engineers team to handle these jobs.

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    We cover following laptop services

    laptop keyboard repair

    Keyboard Replacement

    activezone offers laptop keyboard replacement or repairing at our service center.We are tied up with all brands, that is why we offer the best price for the service.

    laptop upgrade

    Upgrade RAM   & SSD

    When we use laptop,some times it gets hanged, and works very slow, activezone is cabable to deal such type of problems. We offer upgrade of RAM and SSD as per device.

    laptop motherboard repair

    Motherboard Chiplevel Repairing

    Your laptop has a main logic board to work, many times due to long use, there is some short circuit or component failure at your laptop’s main logic board, we offer these service at affordable price.

    laptop hinge repair

    Hinge Replacement

    After a long use of laptop or any physical damage, it is difficult to open or to close the screen lid. This problem can be solved by hinge replacement or repair. 

    laptop screen

    Laptop Screen Replacement

    Laptop’s screen are very delicate. Many times it gets broken by mishandling, or by long use. We offer screen replacement at the best price.

    laptop overheating

    Laptop Overheating Problem

    There is a common problem with your device, it is overheating. This may cause complete system failure. We are expert to handle this type of problem.

    laptop speakers

    Laptop Speakers Repair

    When we use our laptop, its speakers doesn’t produce sound or its input mic is not working. activezone may help you to resolve theses issues.

    laptop windows installation

    Laptop Operating System Installation

    Operating System (windows)failure is very common problem. We may support you to get install the OS or antivirus.

    data recovery

    Laptop Data Recovery

    The worse things with system is, when we loss our data, activezone offers you data recovery at reasonable price. 

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