HDMI Switch Bi-Direction


Model HDMI Bi-Direction Swtich
Manfacturer / Country of Origin Made in China
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Hdmi switch bi direction

Noted: {Only One Monitor Tv Will Play At a Time. Two Tvs Monitors Cannot Display Simultaneously. } The HDMI signal can go in either direction through this HDMI switch. The HDMI switch has a button on top. by pressing the button, you can select one of two HDMI source devices (e.g. Computer, Xbox One, PS3) to play on 1 HDMI projector or HDTV, or to play 1 HDMI signal source on one of 2 HDMI displays. Easy to Use Plug and play, no external power and driver required for this HDMI switch..If your HDMI Source Device (like XBox one X, PS4 Pro) supports 4K, please use an HDMI cable 2.0 to connect 4K HDMI Source Device and HDMI switch and display, since HDMI cable 1.4 (or below HDMI 1.4) isn’t enough to support the resolution of 4K (40962160). If your HDMI cable is not HDMI cable 2.0, you could adjust the resolution on your 4K HDMI Source device to 1080P (19201080) to match the specification of your HDMI cable. HDMI switch box couldn’t get two display devices to work simultaneously when you connect 1 HDMI-Host to 2 HDMI TVs or monitors.

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