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Video ballonĀ 

Compatible with AHD/CVI/TVI signal Transmission signal: 720P/1080P Cable: CAT 5/5e/6 Transmission distance to 300m for CVA/AHD,200m for TVI No power required Built-in surge & transient protection Super interference rejection Using twisted pair instead of 75 ohm coaxial cable as a video signal transmission. To ensure image quality, improve image clarity. Excellent control interference function. Improve cable utilization, reduce project costs. And compatible with the market to use more AHD / HDCVI / HDTVI high-definition analog signals. And transmission distance, high transmission quality. As the video through the use of advanced processing technology. The video signal amplitude and attenuation of different frequencies to enlarge and compensate. Maintain the brightness of the original image, color. To achieve a good long-distance video signal transmission. Features : Power supply: no additional power supply; Transmission effect: real-time transmission AHD / HDCVI / HDTVI video signal, video clear and stable. Transmission distance: 0 ~ 400 meters (with the passive transmitter with). The main function: the use of a pair of twisted pair transmission of single-channel video signal. Protection against interference: excellent for lightning protection, anti-static and anti-jamming capability. Appearance: metric BNC coaxial interface, pressure card twisted pair terminal. Signal is good: no interference, accurate signal reduction. Wiring less: because the network twisted pair diameter small weight light, less freight. Installation is simple and quick, multi-channel camera installation. Four-core or eight-core twisted pair can be used as a trunk of the camera gun. Package includeds : 1 x Pair of AHD/HDCVI/HDTVI Video Balun

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